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Alongside our web design service, we also provide hosting and website maintenance, taking the hassle of looking after your site completely off your hands – allowing you to concentrate on what you do best. Our servers run on SSD flash based storage, ensuring they are served in the quickest possible time and with LiteSpeed capability, you can rest easy that the standard will not drop. OK, this sounds a bit jargony, but take our word for it, these servers are top banana.

With our maintenance package, we log into the site once a week to make sure everything is up to date, secure and working off the most recent WordPress version. Basically, once your new site is up and live, you can leave it to us to make sure this remains the case. We also provide a free fully trusted 256-bit SSL Certificate for each site, encrypting the content sent to and from your site.

Each site is backed up to a secure off-site location every 4 hours so if anything ever was to go wrong, all we have to do is roll it back to before that time and you’re back in business. We provide support 9-5, five days a week and have a team of techies who are specialised in the finer nuances of hosting at no extra cost to you.

Like all our services, our hosting and support packages are tailored specifically to you. We can build into your package to provide regular design changes, landing pages or post layouts. We can also create custom WordPress CMS elements to make all of this super easy, if you prefer to do this your self.

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Hosting & Maintenance Elbowroom Graphics

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