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About Elbowroom Graphics
We’re a close knit, small team of skilled and friendly folk. We won’t bamboozle you with jargon or marketing speak. We’re based in Penistone after all – straight talking is all we know!

From our home in South Yorkshire, we work with regional, national and international companies in a range of sectors. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we can help. Whether you’re a start-up company trying to find your feet, or a big brand with an even bigger problem – we have the tools to fix it. Our be-all and end-all is customer satisfaction and we’re extremely proud of the reputation we’ve built over the last seven years.

About Elbowroom Graphics


Great quality design is the cornerstone of our agency. We embrace new styles and ideas, keep current and never sit still creatively.

About Elbowroom Graphics


Attention to detail and consistency is an obsession here. We know how vital it is for your finished product to be 100% right and true to your brand.

About Elbowroom Graphics


You can count on us for a whole range of your creative and marketing needs. Print, digital, video and web – we deal with them all.

About Elbowroom Graphics


Being a small agency, we have fewer overheads than some of our competition - allowing us to offer competitive pricing and great value.

About Elbowroom Graphics


We retain the vast majority of our clients, providing a reliable and dependable, ongoing resource time and again.

About Elbowroom Graphics


We're all about friendly, clear and up-front customer service. We strive to be flexible and accommodating to deadlines and budget.

Our core team

About Elbowroom Graphics


Rich is an experienced designer with well over a decade in the industry. He is the founder of Elbowroom and creative lead here, making sure everything that leaves the studio is up to his high standards of ‘cracking’.

He is the conductor that guides our team of creatives in their work, as well as lead designer on many projects.

When not living and breathing Elbowroom, you will hopefully find him going for a run (when he can’t find a valid excuse not to!).

About Elbowroom Graphics


Hayley is the cheery face and steely core of Elbowroom. With a background in management, she is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company – including accounts, customer service and HR. If Rich is the conductor, Hayles is the sheet music. She makes sure all the notes are hit and everything is in its right place.

When she’s not running the ship here, Hayley can be found hanging out with her (mad bundle of energy) 4 year old son, or learning new mad ways to contort her body at Yoga.

About Elbowroom Graphics


Ross is our young bundle of enthusiasm and positivity. As our junior designer working under Rich, he brings energy and creativity to every project that crosses his desk.

Outside of the studio, you might find Ross with his earphones in, listening to his ‘how to speak Japanese’ lessons. Rather him than me!

About Elbowroom Graphics

The squad

We have a great set of creatives and techies working with us here at Elbowroom.

They’re a mixing bowl of vibrancy and skill, bringing fresh ideas to bear on a daily basis. From our vast roster of voice over artists, to our SEO specialists and web hosting technicians, we’re blessed with a truly gifted and reliable team.

What the clients say

We paint a pretty picture of our services, sure. But what do our clients make of it all?

About Elbowroom Graphics