Goodbye 2019, hello 2020!

Well, we can’t believe it’s been a whole 12 months since we wrote our last year review!


As always, we like to start with saying a big thank you to our clients, both old and new – we have loved working with everyone over the past year. Our long-standing clients, who have continued to trust in our services, and to our new connections who were introduced to us in 2019, we look forward to working with you all in 2020.

As ever, our output is incredibly varied. We love this about our work – one day we’re creating custom functionality on a formal business website, and the next we’re designing characters for a kids animation. It keeps life interesting and us on our toes. 

We’ve created a range of websites this year that we’re really proud of. Again, the variation in style and purpose here is great, with sites created including Mann-Hough, Jet Escapes,  RH Property Services,  Yorkshire Psychotherapy, Childsplay Day Nursery and Istanbul Kitchen and Bar.

Julian Mann, Director at Mann-Hough said “We are delighted with the website Elbowroom designed. They provided a perfect balance between creativity & technical expertise, helping with the advice we needed to create the website we wanted. Everything was finalised according to the timescale we had indicated. We look forward to continuing to work with Elbowroom.”

A nice milestone came along when we worked on our largest scale animation project yet: a long-term project which involved creating over 50 mini animations for children, based around traditional nursery rhymes. We’re going from strength to strength on the animation side of things and 2020 is shaping up with some exciting developments there already.

Claudia Suarez from Plinthe Kitchen and Bathrooms, who we created an animation for, said “I love these guys, they are superb. They are professional but also very approachable at the same time. A true gem. I have dealt with my fair share of web developers, designers, animators etc and never had such an amazing experience. Would recommend them to my mother.”

In 2019, we started to dip our toes in to the scary world of tenders and DPS opportunities, which after our initial ‘hide behind a cushion’ approach, wasn’t as daunting as anticipated. We have been successful in being added to two separate frameworks and feel as confident as ever to sit alongside some of the bigger agencies out there and back our services against theirs.

We added to the permanent team, with Ross successfully completing his Graphic Design apprenticeship and becoming a permanent member of the team as Junior Designer. The team grew further when Daisy joined us. She’s already demanding an increase in treats but hopefully we can sort out a package to keep her on board before she unionises!

Our goals for 2020 are of course to continue to grow the business… but primarily we strive more than anything to deliver excellent services, with our values at the heart; Quality, Value, Bespoke, Service. Everything else can fall into place if we maintain these standards and keep the customer at the centre of everything we do.

We plan to recruit another apprentice in the coming year, continuing to grow the in-house team. We have also agreed to take on two students in 2020 and look forward to giving them a glimpse of working in the design world.

We can’t write about our coming year without touching on the new ERG-Dobble tournament we have recently initiated. Those not familiar with the concept, words don’t really do the game justice but when I say ’snap on speed’ I’m not far off. You really have to play it to understand the true majesty of it. Anyway, a good day at work begins with a team game at the coffee table, with the winner claiming the ‘Sharpie of Truth’ to scribe a big black X on the league table. First to 100 X’s takes the ERG-Dobble crown.

The start of the year has already brought exciting prospects which we are looking forward to exploring. Bring on 2020! We’re hoping for big things this year and know the best way to get there is to keep the standards high, the service personal and the coffee on tap.

Goodbye 2019, hello 2020! Elbowroom Graphics

Happy New Year, from the Elbowroom Graphics Team.

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