Covid-19 and looking to the future

Like many other businesses we’ve been trying to navigate the unprecedented Covid 19 pandemic. Having closed the main office on the 23/03/20, we set about adjusting to our new ‘normal’… home working and most dramatically, home schooling!

Not underestimating the seriousness of the situation that was spreading across the world, we wanted to ensure we were playing our part in keeping our staff, clients and selves safe from the virus.

Covid meant that the way companies run their day to day business changed and they must continue to adapt as the situation develops. Gone are the days – for now at least – of face to face meetings and handshakes, being replaced by zoom meetings and waving… Companies who haven’t been very technical historically have had to move with the tide quickly to ensure they don’t get left behind.

This has shaped a great deal of the work we have produced during lock down. Here’s a quick run down of some of the work we’ve been involved in during that period:


With face to face meetings temporarily a thing of the past, animation and video is, more than ever, a great medium to showcase products and services visually. It’s well known that video attracts more online traffic and our clients have wanted to harness this to ensure their message is still getting out there.

Website design

We’ve had a number of new web projects in production fitting in to two categories. Firstly, brand new sites, with companies eager to have an online ‘shop window’ to showcase their product or service, where physical browsing isn’t possible or very limited at the movement. Then secondly, there have been site revamps, where clients have asked us to update and upgrade their existing sites, ensuring they are fit for purpose as they adapt to their new way of business.

Large format display

Again, where people are unable to meet face to face or enter premises like they have previously, some of the education facilities we work with have opted for large format billboards to capture public attention as they pass by. The primary purpose of these was to highlight that the institutions are still open and touch on how they have adapted to accommodate their student’s safety. A big part of this is alleviating fears of potential future students as they apply for enrolment, providing a clear and consistent public presence.

Diversifying print

We’ve updated our rang print output, meeting the new requirements that clients are obliged to meet. This has ranged from removable distance floor stickers, hand sanitising table talkers and safety flyers. Clear and easy to understand graphics can convey vital messages in an instant, effective way. With the many different new rules that we have all had to get use to and continue to adapt to, these graphics have a big role to play.

For us, although the change of scenery and day to day practice took a little adjusting to, lockdown provided us with plenty of food for thought. We were very fortunate to be able to undertake our work remotely, which enabled us to still be able to provide our services within the new guidelines… albeit with a 5-year-old in tow! We know that a lot of other businesses have not been as fortunate and our heart goes out to those more affected.

Now that restrictions have started to loosen for the time being, we wanted to reiterate to our clients, old and new, that we are still here and fighting fit. We’ve now returned back to the office ourselves (adhering to social distancing of course) and are making plans for the remaining 6 months of 2020… which will include plenty of hand washing.
Stay safe!

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