Case study Resources Capital Africa

Website, infographic and print design to help secure investment in African industry and infrastructure

“RCA’s mission is to facilitate debt-free economic development in Africa by helping countries invest directly in production projects in the natural resources sector using only the resource as the financing tool or capital, hence the name Resources Capital Africa Limited.

Our operating philosophy is to domesticate investment domicillium in Africa so that both the income and the profits from production will be appropriated by Africa for reinvestment in economic development; a radical game changer that is set to enable rapid local driven economic development in Africa.

The RCA model uses the principle that trade and investment partnerships work when each party needs something that the other party can provide, and therefore in a win-win situation where parties pursue mutually sustainable objectives each party can hugely benefit from facilitating the success of the other in delivering its part of the deal.”

Resources Capital Africa Elbowroom Graphics

Elbowroom were tasked with devising a website for RCA, detailing the services provided and inviting interest from potential partners and investors. This site would be the first place of contact for many of these parties, and was to play a central role in the success of the Resources Capital Africa model.

The way that RCA works relies on instilling confidence and reassurance that their model is realistic and stable. As it’s a groundbreaking way of approaching investment in Africa – and one that no-one else is doing – the site needs to be clear, concise and intuitive – the bottom line is that the RCA model is communicated effectively through the site.

The key take away should be that, yes this is a new way of working in this sector, but here’s how it works, and here’s why it should be the way of working in this sector.

Resources Capital Africa Elbowroom Graphics

An important part of the site, is the ability to take enquiries from different specific sector parties.

We created a number of bespoke forms for each of these, designed to garner the relevant information in order to gain an insight into how the two parties may work together.

As part of our package for RCA, we created an infographic to explain the services they supply.

We analysed their business model, pulling out the broad strokes and condensing it down as much as we could, while retaining enough information for it to fully inform the reader.

It is designed to give potential collaborators a flavour of what RCA is about, but leaving out the real finer details – with the idea of encouraging them to make contact and find out more.

Resources Capital Africa Elbowroom Graphics

We really appreciated Elbowroom's patience and understanding throughout the development of our site and supporting assets. The whole process was very thorough and with a clear process. It was very important to us to get the right result, and Elbowroom did just that.

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