Case study Phoenix Futures

Wide range of marketing and design support for substance abuse rehabilitation service

Phoenix Futures provide a spectrum of support to help meet the needs of people confronting their addiction issues.

Founded in the late 1960’s, Phoenix has grown to become a leader in the field, with centres across the UK and thousands helped every year.

Every three years, they create a new strategy. The strategy for 2020 through 2023 is titled Sustainable Recovery.

We were brought on board to create a wide range of material for the Sustainable Recovery theme, including print, digital and video.

Phoenix Futures Elbowroom Graphics
Play Video

We have created a number of videos for Phoenix, including the one above about healing through nature.

This particular one features interviews with service users, touching on their experiences of the program and how it’s helped them grow and overcome their issues.


Phoenix Futures Elbowroom Graphics
Phoenix Futures Elbowroom Graphics

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