Case study Pennies from Heaven

Website design, hosting & maintenance for social enterprise

Pennies from Heaven is a social enterprise that raises money for a myriad of charities but utilising the spare change in a payslip.

Earn £850.34, then you keep the £850 and donate the 34p to charity. The most you can ever give is 99p each time you are paid!

An employer will sign up to the scheme and then employees can opt in, pledging, at most, 99p per month. The pennies are collected by Pennies from Heaven and distributed to the selected charities.

Pennies from Heaven Elbowroom Graphics

Pennies from Heaven needed a new website that combined form and function. They wanted it to be enticing, friendly and interesting, while utilising detailed and complex sign up capabilities.

We created a number of bespoke forms that are used to recruit new participants in the scheme. These dynamic forms change depending on the choices that the user makes, and then populates a custom database where the site admin can collate it.

In terms of aesthetic and character, we have produced a number of custom animated lotties which bring a touch of fun and life to the site.

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