Case study Oxera - Beyond the Bottom Line

Animation looking into how business can become more purposeful

Oxera are a consulting company advising government bodies, corporations and lawyers around the world, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Milan, Oxford, Paris and Rome.

They have a reputation for credibility and integrity among key decision-makers, such as policymakers, regulators and courts.

Oxera commissioned us to create a 2 minute animation, introducing the concept, ‘Beyond the Bottom Line’. This is their look into how the effects of business transcends profit or shareholder returns, impacts a wider society and how ‘guardianship of the global environment’ can be developed.

The video is one of the first points of information for Oxera’s client base on the concept, sitting prominently on their website landing page.

The concept of the video was based around the idea of a literal ‘bottom line’, which is used as a focal visual throughout. The audience follows this line from start to finish, leading them through the narrative, with content flowing from it.

Oxera - Beyond the Bottom Line Elbowroom Graphics
Oxera - Beyond the Bottom Line Elbowroom Graphics

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