Case study Orange Genie

3 minute animated video explaining the benefits of using an umbrella company

Orange Genie help contractors by providing the benefits enjoyed by employees. This includes things like pensions and sick pay that many contractors don’t have available to them.

They commissioned us to create a video for them, explaining the service they provide and how it can be beneficial for both the contractor and the employer.

As with all videos we work on, we made sure that there was a solid foundation laid down before we began the animating process itself.

We worked with OG to develop an engaging and informative narrative, creating a scene-by-scene storyboard so they knew exactly what was going to happen throughout the video.

Character animation plays a big role in this piece. For each character, we created a full rig, including skeleton and head/face rigs – allowing us to use their expressions and energy to help tell the story.

In this image, you can see the skeleton for the main female character.

Orange Genie animation Elbowroom Graphics

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