Case study Mann Hough

Website design, hosting & maintenance for financial advisory firm

Mann Hough are a central London financial advisor, specialising in pension planning and investment advice.

Their bespoke and personal service primarily relies on word of mouth referrals to generate new business, which meant they had somewhat neglected their existing website.

They came to us to create their new site, bringing it into the 21st century and doing justice to the professional and bespoke service they provide.

They wanted the site to have a narrative flow, referencing the future-planning and learning from the past that is the corner stone of their business. We used street photography from the local area to achieve this, including images of the foundations of ancient London and the iconic Kindertransport sculpture.

The site uses a single page structure, with scrolling sticky navigation. As with all of our websites, it is fully responsive, with custom layouts for PC, tablet and mobile.

Mann Hough website Elbowroom Graphics

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