Case study Celerity Executive Search

Design of presentation materials and brochure style website for an executive recruitment advisory firm

Celerity is a senior level Executive Search firm. They identify, engage and help attract outstanding leadership talent into Board and Executive Team positions internationally.

They believe in the proven commercial benefits of having more women in Board and executive positions. They help their clients strengthen the pipeline of female executive talent by providing Female Leadership Retreats.

These are designed to help develop the skills, technical ability and confidence to push executive females forwards and to achieve unprecedented levels of professional success and fulfilment.

Celerity Executive Search Elbowroom Graphics

Celerity hired us to create a broad range of materials for use in their executive training programs. This included printed handouts, digital presentations, and learning resources.

As their existing marketing materials were slightly outdated, we were given a brief to create a new style, including choice of fonts, colour scheme, image treatment and iconography.

It was key to make the designs not only intuitive and to work effectively as information sources, but also have a high level of sophistication and aesthetic – dealing as we were, with high ranking, ambitious career women. The way the designs were to look would have a huge impact on the perception of Celerity with their discerning client base.

Celerity Executive Search Elbowroom Graphics
Celerity Executive Search Elbowroom Graphics

In early 2018, Celerity hired us to create a new website to further showcase the brand we had developed through the initial project. The key remit of the site was to advertise the services Celerity provide and act as a general point of first contact for potential clients.

The brief was to create a stylish, modern, sophisticated and intuitive site, which embodied the high-class, executive services they provide.

A key aesthetic of the site is the effective use of great photography and iconography. We sourced images from our professional photography library throughout, for example the screen on the right showing the 4 locations many of Celerity’s target audience resides.

All the graphical elements and icons were completely bespoke, specifically for this project. This ranges from the large program overview, to the small service icons describing what the customer can expect from each course.

Working with Elbowroom is a real pleasure. They take the time to listen and understand what we’re looking for, and then come back with exactly what we’ve asked for – but enhanced with their own creative flair. Everything they’ve done for us has been of the highest quality, always delivered on time, and with the utmost professionalism.

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