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The success of a business depends on more than hard work, a great product and even luck. Those are all great, and will no doubt play an essential role in any success – but to really stand out from the crowd, an effective brand is key.

A successful brand builds recognition and trust within your target audience. It’s about much more than simple aesthetics – we bring the creativity, but also the commercial judgement to make sure your brand works way beyond the surface level. Our brands are designed with an eye to the future, providing long term solutions that will feel as fresh tomorrow as they do today.

Bespoke branding packages to suit your individual needs

Brand values

We will help you define the ‘brand values’ you intend to embody as part of your business. The beliefs, vision and approach that define you.

This is just as important as the logo that sits at the masthead of your site or even the company name.

As part of our approach, we work with you to analyse these values, consider your target audience and think about the challenges you face. This all informs the designs we create and the overall resulting proposition.

Branding Elbowroom Graphics
Branding Elbowroom Graphics


The success of a branding project often comes down to the level of ground work put in. The house built on sand vs the house built on rock.

We like to start the project with an initial consultation, discussing the broad strokes of your business and establishing the brand values.

Through filling in our detailed branding form, we ask an array of questions that help inform a little more. It helps get the grey matter moving and open up avenues you might not have considered.

The next step is to create the draft designs, which will then be presented to you – taking one of them on to completion through a number of rounds of amends.

Style guide

Though by no means compulsory, we recommend having a brand style guide created as part of your project. This is your rule book that sets the tone for how your brand should be used hence forth.The fonts, the colours, the image treatment, layouts and elements. There’s no real limit for the content of your guide. No two businesses are the same, and each guide should be created to fit snugly to you and only you.
Branding Elbowroom Graphics

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