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Animation Elbowroom Graphics
If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video can be worth a thousand more. We create tailored animated videos that drive sales, signups and success. 

Video content can be a central marketing tool for your business – a proven and effective way to communicate with your customers and capture their attention. We have experience of producing great animated videos – from national media campaigns to small budget web video presentations. We produce content that is captivating, relevant and can be used as a hugely effective tool in your wider communication strategy.

Sleek and direct adverts, to in-depth explainer videos

All in the preparation

We’re a team of ‘doers’ here at Elbowroom. But that doesn’t mean we jump in unprepared, especially when it comes to our animations.

Before we get stuck in to the nitty gritty of the animation process, we lay the foundations, working with the client to ensure the direction is established first.

This means liaising on the narrative, drawing up a storyboard, creating a script and then developing a number of initial assets to show the general look.

Animation Elbowroom Graphics
Animation Elbowroom Graphics

Bespoke assets

All the assets used in our animations are created just for you. This means we can show exactly what you’re envisioning.

If you have a new product coming to market, send us a sample or picture of it, we’ll create an illustration of it. Animated staff members? Send us a mug shot!

Post production & sound

We aim to keep you up to speed every step of the way, showing snippets of the animation and key assets to make sure they’re on point. Once the leg work is taken care of, we get to post production, where everything is pulled together to create your final video.

We work with a collection of fantastic voice artists, all primed to bring your script to life. Now, it goes without saying that most of these are in English, but we’re very happy to provide multi-lingual versions of your video. The talented bunch that they are, they can do all sorts of styles, so the world’s your oyster!

This combined with a nifty tune and some sound effects to add depth… it’s all coming together.

Animation Elbowroom Graphics

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