A new member of staff joins! And she has four legs…

A new member of staff joins! And she has four legs... Elbowroom GraphicsWe would like to introduce you to the newest member of our Elbowroom Graphics team… Daisy the dog!

At only 10 weeks old she has a lot to learn about her day-to-day duties, but has already had a very good go at designing a complex infographic – which may look like a cardboard box chewed up, but that’s only to the untrained eye. Her ability to meet and greet our guests is really where she comes in to her own, and don’t get us started on her skill when it comes to shredding documents. She needs to work on her typing speed to be fair, coming in at a measly 30 words per minute – but there is plenty of time to brush up on this.

Daisy’s energetic and lovable character fits in with the friendly approach we’re striving to provide here. She is always very welcoming, as long as the head scratch or tummy tickle fee is paid upon entry. 

With the Trans-Pennine Trail just across the road, not to mention the massive grassy show ground round the corner – Daisy is in the perfect corner of the world to put lots of miles into those little legs. It’s a long way from the North Pole, where she’s arrived from as an early Christmas present, but she’s taking it all in stride.

Welcome aboard Daisy, keep up the stellar work!

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